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Occupational Therapy Evaluation

At DH Therapy, we undertake comprehensive evaluations for occupational, speech, and ABA therapy to accurately assess and identify the service needs of each child. Our evaluation process is thorough, taking into consideration several key factors including health and family backgrounds, physical and sensory development, sensory processing abilities, motor skills proficiency, and the social dimensions of a child's growth.

To ensure we provide the most effective intervention plan, we employ a blend of standardized assessments, clinical observations, and caregiver interviews/questionnaires. We embrace a family-centered approach, working collaboratively with families to set and achieve goals tailored to their child. We recognize the individuality of each child and the unique circumstances they face. Our aim is to build robust foundations for improved social, emotional, and intellectual development, rather than merely concentrating on individual skills and behaviors.


We accept following insurance plans. 

Anthem/BCBS - all plans

Georgia Medicaid



 *Please note that we accept United Healthcare, Aetna, and Cigna as out-of-network providers for OT and ST.*

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