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Therapeutic Listening | DH Therapy LLC | Pediatric Therapy Practice | Atlanta Georgia

The utilization of sound and music in addressing learning and communication difficulties has undergone significant advancements over time. While ancient civilizations recognized the potency of music, modern neuroscience has shed light on its profound impact on the brain's structure and function. Recent research at the intersection of neuroscience and musicology has unveiled two critical findings. Firstly, the brain's plasticity enables it to rewire and form new connections among diverse neurological regions. Secondly, the ear, traditionally viewed as a passive sensory organ, is now understood as a dynamic gateway to the brain, influencing movement, coordination, and rhythm.

In essence, the ear serves as a pivotal "sensory gate" through which transformative changes can be initiated in the brain. Over the years, therapeutic approaches harnessing sound and music have developed various protocols, yielding diverse effects across a spectrum of conditions.


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Listening Therapy | DH Therapy LLC | Pediatric Therapy Practice | Atlanta Georgia
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